Tenants Guide to letting

Tenants Guide to letting

Why rent with us?

At Stanbra Powell Lettings and Management we aim to provide quality properties and services for our Tenants, with many of you renewing your tenancies from one year to the next.

Renting a property with Stanbra Powell Lettings and Management should be an experience that's as smooth and stress free as possible.

Application for a Tenancy/References

To help you eliminate unexpected surprises, we have outlined our guidelines;

When you make an offer for tenancy of a suitable property, all prospective Tenants over the age of 18 years will need to complete application forms.

Using the information you provide, we will start the referencing process which takes between 7 and 10 working days, depending on referee responses.

If, as in some cases a guarantor is required, we will need you to complete further forms and a charge will apply.

Once references have been approved, if you can't move in immediately for whatever reason, you may be required to pay the advanced deposit to secure the property. Please note the advanced deposit is non-refundable if interest is withdrawn in the property.

Administration Fees

One adult application £150. Two adult applications £300. Each additional adult application £150. Each guarantor £84. If the landlord gives permission for pets to be kept at the property, an additional deposit, from £250, will be requested according to the requirements of the landlord and the number and size of the pets being kept at the property.

Tenancy Deposit

When we have completed the referencing process the deposit (equivalent to a months rent) is required. The Tenancy agreement can then be signed by all parties.

The first month's rent must be received in cleared funds on the day of the tenancy commencing by advanced BACS transfer or debit card.


You can collect the keys from our offices on the start day of your tenancy, during working hours Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.30pm.

We will provide 2 copies of the inventory - please check and mark any discrepancies then sign and return a copy to the office within 5 days.

This document will be used to verify the condition of the property when you vacate and can protect your deposit in the event of any dispute.

The inventory fee is £50.00

Schedule of Condition

For the duration of the tenancy you will be responsible for the property, immediately reporting any damage or problems which may arise, to Stanbra Powell or the Landlord.

When you leave the property, it will be checked against the inventory. Any discrepancies will need to be rectified at your expense before the deposit or balance of it can be released.

We strongly advise that you take out your own Contents Insurance for the duration of your tenancy.

Rental Payments

We will provide you with written notification of the rental payments bank account to make payments into by standing order.

You will need to ensure that rent has cleared into our account by the due date of the tenancy agreement otherwise a late charge will be applied.

If the property is not managed by Stanbra Powell, the name and address of the Landlord will be sent to you in writing, for any necessary contact.

You, the Tenant are responsible for paying all household utility bills for the duration of the tenancy.

These are guidelines - full Tenancy Guidelines and Agreements can be obtained via the Banbury Office.